inspearit on technical debt

As part of its worldwide agile transition program, Alcatel-Lucent holds regular events dedicated to its entire R&D population (15,000 + people).


The last session was totally focused on software quality and Alcatel-Lucent invited Israel Gat of Cutter Consortium and Jean-Louis Letouzey of inspearit to co-lead a session on technical debt.


Jean-Louis started with an overview of the technical debt concept. He showed that measuring the quality with a unit, easily grasped by everyone (days, $, € ...) represents a considerable progress in quality management. Technical Debt, which concept is understandable and usable by all, improves and simplifies projects and portfolio management.


Israel continued by detailing technical debt management in the context of agile projects. He detailed the success factors for deploying the concept. Its recommendations covered both the day to day usage at project level and the corporate usage for assets governance.